Furlex Furling systems

Centered and insulated forestay and completely insulated joining sleeves make furling easier, reduce wear and cut out the risk of corrosion.

Unique, patented load-distributor for easy furling and unrivaled bearing durability. Lightweight halyard swivel keeps weight aloft to a minimum.

Sail feeder in high grade, marine stainless steel for improved durability and service life. Composite connector for the optimum strength-to-weight ratio.

Tack swivel with a free-turn, combined with the uniform profile of the forestay extrusion, give a perfectly furled sail and effective performance even when reefed. Twin grooves and split drum – allow for fast sail changes and make Furlex easily adapted for racing.

Unique line-guide system – controls and centers furling line and arranges it evenly onto the drum.

Fully integral rigging screw (optional) for fast and simple forestay adjustment, without affecting the uniform profile of the extrusion or the drum height above deck. The rigging screw adjusts through 60 mm, 80 and 100 mm depending on size of system.

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