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If you’re looking to buy a Furlex furling system online you’ve come to the right place!

The Yacht Rigger is proud to be an authorized Selden Furlex USA Dealer.

Selden, winner of the Practical Sailor Best Choice award 2010 has been manufacturing and designing superior furling systems for many years. Not only are Furlex jib reefing and furling systems top quality, they also come at a very reasonable price including installation.

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From the manufacturer:

When Furlex was introduced in 1983, it quickly became the market leader, a position it still occupies today. The first systems sold are still functioning well. Providing ample proof of the design’s effectiveness and long-term staying power. Our success can also be put down to how we select a system for a specific yacht. First we calculate the boat’s righting moment, which is the function of its displacement, ballast, beam and draft. Then we use righting moment in combination with the rig type to calculate its power when sailing, and the likely loads on the furling system. In this way, we achieve a correctly dimension jib furling system for each individual yacht.

It has always been our intention to retain responsibility for our products through all stages of supply. Furlex is therefore only sold through local, authorised dealers who can satisfy all of our customers requirements. This includes assistance with assembly, the modification of sails or the production of new sails, as well as service.

  • Furlex is supplied as a complete assembly kit containing all the components required.
  • The halyard swivel ball bearing system features a load distribution facility. A unique patented system which distributes loads over the entire ball race. This permits smoother furling and considerably reduces wear on the bearings.
  • The systems luff extrusion has the same size along its whole length. The entire luff is rolled up in an even roll, all the way down to the tack attachment. This allows for a good shape to a reefed sail.
  • Furlex is manufactured by Selden Mast, the world’s leading manufacturer of masts and rigging systems. We wish you fine sailing with your Furlex.

Systems and parts we supply and install include but not limited to:

  • Selden masts, booms, bowsprit’s and spinnaker poles
  • Furlex 50s
  • Furlex 104s
  • Furlex 204s
  • Furlex 304s
  • Furlex 404s
  • Furlex 500s

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Furlex assembly kit

Furlex 304S Furler