About Us

The Yacht Rigger LLC is a mobile sailboat rigging and marine hardware company based out of St Petersburg, Florida. We are dedicated to assisting you, the boat owner in all aspects of your vessels rigging, sail systems and deck hardware. We also offer online consultation as well as a web store that functions as a local and international yacht rigging parts supplier. We specialize in all types of rigging and hardware, whether your boat is for cruising or racing. Our team provides a comprehensive unbiased service tailored for you and your vessel.

No job is too big or too small. We take pride in our customer service down to the smallest details. Our team aren’t just riggers; they are also accomplished  sailors with a wealth of knowledge they are only too happy to share. We source a large inventory of parts from top of the range manufacturers including but not limited to: Selden, Harken, Schaefer, Hood, Wichard Profurl, Sta-Lok, Lewmar, Atlantic Towers, and Kato Marine. Please see our testimonials page for references from local sailors or visit our growing Online Store to see just some of the parts we supply!

The Yacht Rigger is proud to be a dealer for many marine product lines, please visit our Online Store for more information regarding product availability and inventory.

Who is The Yacht Rigger?

The Yacht Rigger is owned and operated by Stephen Lloyd, Richard Lloyd, and Brian Ford.

Meet the team…

Stephen Lloyd

Stephen began sailing as a child in Cape Town, South Africa. At age sixteen he sailed with his family across the Atlantic to South America and on to the Caribbean on a 37’ catamaran. After finishing high school and working on charter sailboats for a few years he undertook an apprenticeship in yacht rigging at highly successful FKG Rigging in Sint Maarten.

After five years of rigorous training at FKG, he moved to the UK with his wife and while there co-founded Brighton Rigging at Brighton Marina. Two years later he found himself in Michigan and began offering his services as a mobile yacht rigger.

After a successful run in Michigan, his wife’s educational requirements took them to East Tennessee where he continued to operate as a mobile yacht rigger, servicing the inland lakes of western North Carolina, East Tennessee, middle Tennessee, and southern Kentucky. During this time he founded “The Yacht Rigger” and grew it into a successful mobile mast and rigging company. He also set up a web store selling parts across the United States and South America and a global consultation service.

After four years in Tennessee he and his wife moved south to St Petersburg, Florida for a life on the coast. He is now offering his services as a mobile yacht rigger and mast supplier in the Tampa Bay area while partnering with suppliers and brands with whom he has developed great working relationships over the past decade.

Brian Ford

“Boats, in particular sail boats, have a profound effect on me. I find my mind wanders to boats naturally and my wife of 16 years would tell you “I will ‘talk boat’ with anyone”. I’m fascinated by the forces of nature that intersect with man’s ability to make a vessel that works on principles of compromise.

My career began in metal fabrication welding jobs such as bridges, structural steel, and airport equipment. My attention to detail, problem solving and artistic abilities led to finer work fabricating furniture, museum pieces, and precision machinery parts.

My passion for sailing started at age 15, when I reunited with my estranged father, a life-long sailor, who at the time lived aboard a motor-sailor. He took me on my first sail leaving St. Petersburg under the Skyway Bridge. This short trip around Egmont sparked a passion within me to sail and a desire to figure out the physics behind the power. I bought my first boat at 18 years old and my first sailboat at 23.

Fortunately my career path in metal fabrication and my obsession with being on the water had their own kind of intersection. In 2006 I began working as a spar builder and custom marine fabricator at J.S.I. (now Island  Nautical). I particularly enjoy working as a prototype fabricator and gravitate toward custom work beyond masts and spars.

During the recession I honed my salesman skills and sold impact windows and doors for 5 years. Windows are not as fun to talk about as boats….

So, here I am- let’s “talk boat”!

Richard Lloyd

If you are in need of knowledgeable, reputable, reliable, yacht riggers with years of experience on top of formal training please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via telephone or our Contact Us form.

Stephen Lloyd
Brian Ford